In 2008, our founder, Tony Langford was diagnosed with cancer and needed to take some extended time off from his small business start-up for surgery and treatment. He was determined to continue to run his small business and support his wife and three kids. The 12-month recovery along with many sleepless and prayerful nights resulted in the formation of Polaris CPAs & Associates Ltd. Tony’s desire to help others navigate their finances and make businesses profitable and debt-free has always been at the forefront of our business plan. With the help of cloud-based accounting software, we currently serve over 100 clients in various locations throughout the U.S.

Working with someone who understands how hard it is to run a small business paramount in developing the proper plan and tools to ensure your business stays on course to achieving your goals.  We work to be good stewards of the business we have been entrusted and are committed to delivering the below values to you. 

  • Biblical principles are our guide. These principles are our guide as we mentor our internal team, and they are foundational to how we advise our customers.
  • Excellence drives everything we do. From our team members’ personal development to the work we do for our customers, we do it right or we don’t do it at all.
  • Education of our clients by providing critical information and then explaining to them how it affects their business is a key factor in helping them make the best decisions to stay on course.
  • Navigating our clients through business challenges and other distractions that threaten to take them off course.
  • Providing personalized and proactive customer service allows us to deeply understand our clients needs and goals so that we can develop a plan to help them reach them.