Meet our Captain:

In response to his desire to help others navigate their finances and make businesses profitable and debt-free, Tony Langford (our founder and president) launched a small accounting practice back in 2008. These concepts have become part of the business plan and mission for Polaris Accounting & Tax. With the benefits of cloud-based accounting software, we are blessed to serve small businesses in various locations throughout the U.S.

Operating along with someone who understands small business will ensure your business stays on course to achieving your goals.

Director of Operations


Director of Operations
Payroll Specialist


Payroll Specialist
Firm Administrator


Firm Administrator
Marketing Director


Marketing Director

Polaris Accounting and Tax, LLC. is committed to delivering the following values: 

  • EXCELLENCE which drives all that we do.  From our team member’s personal and professional development to the work we do for our clients, we constantly strive for excellence. 
  • BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES are our compass as we mentor our team and are foundational to how we advise our clients. 
  • EDUCATION for our clients which provides critical information to help them make the best decisions for their business. 
  • NAVIGATION for our clients through business challenges that threaten to take them off course. 
  • PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE allows us to deeply understand our clients’ needs so that we can develop a plan to help them reach their goals. 



“Tony Langford has the ability to work with small and large companies, inspiring them to be fiscally responsible and helps them with both Micro and Marco business decisions that many business owners often struggle with.” Steve Hermansson, MBA

“Tony is a great professional full of values.” Camilo Velasquez, MBA, CPA, CMA

I have known Tony for over a year now. He is consistently professional, very active in networking, and takes great care of his clients. I feel confident that clients I refer to him will be in good hands.Scott Sweet, Vice President at JPMorgan Chase

Tony’s expert attention to detail will be sure to help you and your business save money on taxes and business expenses.”  Jerry DuPaw

Polaris Accounting & Tax LLC

The compass on your journey to profitable business.


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